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Register Protocol

* when submit documents please note that the following items:
1. Copy of documents and requirements must be real, effective, complete, clear, and can cover company involved and sales product category.
2. All the file data provided valid must be within 3 months or more, does not accept validity of file within 3 months.
3. Documents such as several enterprises or individuals involved, the relationship must be clear, and confirmed by the parties shall be signed.
4. The foreign language information shall provide corresponding Chinese translation when necessary (Chinese translation can be issued by the translation company, can also be issued by the application for merchants, issued by the merchants apply for merchants shall be stamped with official seal).
5. Merchants need to offer the related documents including but not limited to this document requirements listed in the project, such as the national laws, regulations and administrative requirements must have other relevant documents, merchants have the duty to provide matching timely supplement.
6. Copy, scan of the original and the original photos were apply for merchants need to build official seal.All merchants only accept administrative official seal stamped documents, do not accept electronic chapter, special seal, etc., can be stamped with a special seal for contract in the contract.
7. Read and purchasing network internal related principle, special process with clear rules, process execution according to the relevant principles.
8. The businessman with a registered capital of 100000 and above.
Note: please in front of the house, according to your needs, check the purchase network reading category and its subordinate involved product classification of corresponding relations between tables, if you apply for overstepping other specification or product category, where you can't confirm your simply submit the above basic information.If there is a special category of qualification requirements, certification personnel will be in when you contact tip specific information requirements and matters needing attention.