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About Us

China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products

Founded in May 1989, China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE) is the leading and most influential national trade association in China with a mission to promote the international trade and cooperation in medicinal and health products. CCCMHPIE, directly under the Ministry of Commerce of China, has a diverse membership of more than 2,400 companies including most of the major manufacturers and trading companies of pharmaceutical and health products across China. The fields that CCCMHPIE covers range from TCM, pharmaceuticals, preparations, medical devices and equipment, dressings, biopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, functional cosmetics to health products. Currently, CCCMHPIE has a staff of 70-strong professionals, most of whom are specialists in international trade, medicine and management. It has also established 10 departments according to the products and function, each department is a unit that is responsible for specific products trade management and providing guidance and advice for relevant members as well as customized services.

Since its inception, CCCMHPIE has been dedicated to serving the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. It serves as a bridge between Chinese and overseas players of the industry and between the two markets. With the aim of promoting trade, investment and technology transfer projects in the healthcare sector, CCCMHPIE has set up many platforms in the form of training sessions, conferences, shows, information guidance, etc. to boost the development of Chinese healthcare industry and through collaboration with its counterparts overseas, contribute to the progress of human health. Since the beginning of the new millennium, China’s foreign trade in medicines and health products has been expanding exponentially at an annual rate of over 20 percent. It has become the largest exporter of active pharmaceutical ingredients in the world. CCCMHPIE’s significant contributions to this tremendous growth are well recognized, and this rapid trade expansion has in turn helped CCCMHPIE develop from strength to strength.

As China's most influential industry association in the healthcare sector, CCCMHPIE is ready to work with the rest of the world in moving forward the healthcare collaboration. So far, it has entered into partnerships with more than 50 organizations in the world, and has been a leader of many bilateral healthcare working groups under the governmental dialogue mechanisms. CCCMHPIE is taking Chinese key industry player to all over the world, including US, EU, ASEAN countries, and Africa to increase mutual understanding with local industry players and further boost trade and investment activities. With China-Africa health collaboration developing from strength to strength, CCCMHPIE is also setting up platforms to serve for in-depth exchanges for bilateral trade, investment and technology transfer, which ultimately will work towards the goal of local production and capacity building.

CCCMHPIE is willing to also work with other stakeholders, including NGOs and international organizations, to guide and help the Chinese pharmaceutical and medical companies better serve the needs of human health, particularly, the unmet and urgent needs of the world.

About the Database
  • Over the last decade, and especially in recent years, promoting sustainable access to quality and affordable medicines and integrating local production, has been of significant interest in Africa. With the support from UNAIDS, the African Union Roadmap on Shared Responsibility and Global Solidarity for AIDS, TB and Malaria Response in Africa, adopted in July 2012 by African Heads of State,  charts a new course for the continent’s response to the three diseases. The action Pillar two – Access to affordable and quality assured medicines including its four priority actions outline a suite of high priority actions to ensure accelerated access to affordable and quality-assured medicines and health-related commodities. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan of Africa (PMPA) Business Plan also put forward a comprehensive package of solutions for the development of pharmaceutical manufacturing on the African continent.


    On the Chinese side, China is the largest manufacturing economy, the largest exporter, the second-largest economy and second largest importer of goods in the world. China is also Africa’s largest trading partner. China is a strong potential partner to collaborate with African countries to support the local production of pharmaceuticals and health commodities in Africa.


    In this context, CCCMHPIE, in collaboration with UNAIDS and BMGF is jointly establishing a database/website that will benefit pharmaceutical companies and suppliers both in China and Africa. China Chamber is the main implementer of this project. By setting up an interactive China-Africa health platform in the form of database, it can gather the information regarding product, market and industry in China and Africa to better facilitate China-Africa healthcare trade and investment, and fulfill its mission as an industry organization.


    The specific objectives are:1)To provide pharmaceutical investment related information in key African countries for Chinese companies that can promote direct investment and technology transfer fromChina.2)To set up a portal that will enable information search on Chinese pharmaceutical companies, including suppliers that can potentially help to meet the need of health commodities required in Africa and their product portfolio. 

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