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Experience Sharing on —Sino-Ethiop Associate (Africa) Plc (SEAA)

—Sino-Ethiop Associate (Africa) Plc (SEAA) was established in 2001.The purpose this partnership is to produce & market Empty Hard Gelatin Capsule (EHGCs). EHGCs are an important inputs for capsule formulations.


The local partner contributed in marketing the product locally and managing the human resources and the operation of the company. The prior business relationship between the Chinese and Ethiopian partners was important in establishing the trust needed to ensure a successful joint venture.


The joint venture becomes operational in May 2013.Land was made available to the facility at a very low rent with flexible terms. With its 5 fully Automatic Capsule Making Machines the plant has the capacity of producing 2.4 billion capsules/annum


The company has built recently a new GMP compliant manufacturing facility as part of its expansion project. It has started production with this facility since Jan,2014.. It is a sole producer of empty hard gelatin capsules in sub Saharan countries. Since its establishment, it has so far managed to cover the local demand 100%.Currently, the company’s annual turn over is more than 200 million birr(US $10 million).



SEAA has strategic market in the following countries:

—  South Africa

—  Kenya

—  Sudan

—  Uganda

—  Zimbabwe

—  D.R. Congo

—  Yemen & others


New Market prospects:

—  Ghana

—  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

—  Tanzania

—  Nigeria

   We have already started exporting to Ghana


Benefits from the Partnership(JVC)

—  Technology transfer ( skill & knowhow)

—  Human resources development ( trainings)

—  During the start-up phase, there were 15 Chinese engineers working at SEAA but now only 1 resident Chinese engineer.

—  Partners consider that there has been full and complete technology transfer of the relevant EHGC technology and that the local staff have mastered the technology.

—  Access to international markets, as the Chinese partners have long experiences in pharmaceutical business.

—  Access to partners resources for training, research or new technologies

—  International GMP  accreditation ( certificate of PICS/Conformity )

—  Creating more than170 jobs to local people

—  Offering trainings to university students, participates actively in University-Industry linkage


—  Chinese partners help in identifying exporting markets for its products

—  Offering trainings to university students, works closely with universities( AAU) in research activities

—  Chinese partners help in identifying exporting markets for its products